The school has an in house doctor to look after the medical needs of the students. In addition the school also organizes regular health checkups every term. The school keeps a detailed record of the medical history of each student and appropriate medical care is provided as and when required. The school also has a panel of renowned medical specialists whose services are available to the school students.

The school dining room provides nourishing, healthy meals to the students. The school chefs design the menu, keeping in mind the dietary needs and desires of the children. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served and the students often play an active part in menu planning. The school is very particular about cultural and religious sentiments and neither pork nor beef is ever served.

Other Facilities
Other facilities available to students include:
1. Computers, television, CCTV in every classroom.
2. A specialized Nursery wing with Digital Class and other attractive activities.
3. A well equipped, multi-dimentional, library.
4. Music and Dance studios with acoustics and an opportunity to learn Instrumental / Vocal Music.
5. An ultra-modern Computer Laboratory
Internet and E-mail facility.