Admission Procedure

The new academic session of the school begins on April 1 every year and it is desirable that all admission formalities be completed well before that date. However limited vacancies may exist in the middle of the academic year. As proposed by the State Education Department the age at the time of admission should ordinarily not exceed:


2.5 Years

Class V

10 years


3 Years

Class VI

11 years


4 Years

Class VII

12 years


5 Years

Class VIII

13 years

Class I

6 Years

Class II

7 Years

Class III

8 Years

Class IV

9 Years


Session Starts

First Week of April

Session Ends

Second Week of May

Summer Vacations

Mid May to Last June

Second Session

1st July

Winter Vacations

Last December to Mid January

Session Ends

March 31